Located in the Southern tip of the Italy, Apulia is slowly becoming one of the most popular touristic destinations in the country. Thanks to its fascinating culture and breathtaking coast about 800 km long, Apulia is today on almost every bucket list. Total population is around 4 million people and most famous city, which is also the capital, is Bari.

If you want to know what it’s like to be part of the traditional Italian culture and experience good old way of life, you can’t miss this charming region. Friendly locals, great fresh food (don’t miss homemade pasta!), vineyards and numerous historical ruins will give you the vibe that can’t be found elsewhere.


Must see:

–>Gargano – scenic fishing villages, rugged cliffs and sandy beaches

–>Valle d’Itria – fairytale landscape and its traditional houses

–>Ostuni – gorgeous maze like white city

–>Brindisi – city under UNESCO heritage

–>Alberobello – fairytale UNESCO World Heritage town made of 1500 Trulli; typical Apulian conical stone huts

–>Otranto – Italy’s easternmost town ideal for beach vacation



Capri is one of the most beautiful Italian islands located in Tyrrhenian Sea. The island consists of just 2 towns and total population of 7000 people even though has been inhabited since the Roman times. In the last century many famous scientists and writers have lived or visited the islands which is also the case today.

During the high season, numerous yachts can be seen anchored in the Marina Grenade with guests who can’t wait to set foot on the island and start enjoying in the exclusive shopping, wonderful cuisine or just relax on long sandy beaches and turquoise sea.

Capri is mostly visited during the summer times but weather in spring and autumn is perfect for those who want to relax in the long warm days and memorizing scenery of the island.


What to do:

–>Boat tour around the island

–>Climb up Mount Solaro with the Chairlift

–>Visit the gardens of Villa San Michele

–>Spectacular, romantic views from the numerous cliffs


If you are not sure where to stay while visiting this photogenic island, contact us and we will take care of all the details, so you could have amazing experience!

Dreamy and mysterious, lake Como should be on the list of places one must visit during the lifetime. Located in Lombardy, it’s one of the one of the deepest lakes in the Europe but also most interested because of its shape which looks like inverted letter “Y”.

Since the ancient Roman times, lake Como has been popular among aristocrats and today many celebrities own at least one of the glorious properties on the lake. Numerous prestige’s villas and villages attracts guests who can’t wait to become one of the luckiest who will enjoy in the beauty of this exquisite lake.


What to do:

–>Visit marvelous Villa Balbianello and Villa Carlotta

–>Explore the Como Cathedral

–>Discover lakeside towns and villages


Breathtaking scenery, good weather and amazing beauty of the nature guarantees you unforgettable memories from the magnificent lake Como.


Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with well-known and exceptional culture and rich history. Besides the fact that this Italian island is the birthplace of Mafia, it’s also so much more.

Sicily has many important historical sites furthermore all kinds of treasures of the ancient world can be seen on almost every step of the island. Famous volcanos Etna and Stromboli, gorgeous islands, turquoise sea and sandy beaches will leave everyone speechless. Amazing panoramic views in our exquisite villas with pools are perfect for al fresco dining.

Let’s not forget about famous Italian kitchen and rich Mediterranean flavors. Tuna, ricotta and all kinds of pasta are just some of the various dishes that can’t be missed on one’s journey through this dazzling island.


Must see attractions:

–>Capital Palermo and its historical monuments

–>Sandy beaches of the island Cefalu and spectacular view from the La rocca di Cefalu

–>Taormina, also known as the Pearl of the Sicily

–>The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento

–>The Scala dei Turchi and its white limestone cliff


Located in the heart of Italy, Tuscany is one of the most visited regions in Italy. Besides its regional capital Florence well known towns are also Pisa and Prato.

Picturesque scenery, from the mystery hills and mountains to the wide beaches, will for sure amaze everyone who decides to experience Italian way of life.

Besides astonishing countryside, Tuscany is well known for its world-class art. Extraordinary paintings, sculptures, frescoes and architectural work of genius are exposed in numerous museums and galleries. Let’s not forget about the sensational food such as homemade pasta, Florentine T-bone steak, and of course, exquisite vines to die for.




Top attractions:

–>The Duomo, Florence

–>Piazza del Campo, Sienna

–>Cinque Terre


–>Uffizi Gallery, Florence

–>Leaning tower of Pisa, Pisa

–>Numerous picturesque small towns

–>Wine tasting experience in the Tuscan Countryside


Numerous villas with unique and authentic details can be found in Tuscany but we can offer you only the best ones for unforgettable experience.




One of the smallest regions in the country with a total population just around one million, Umbria is the only Italian region that borders neither the sea nor another country.

Even today, Umbria is one of country’s best kept secrets. Also known as Italy’s green heart, this region is the perfect place to visit if you are not a fan of crowded, mainstream touristic places. Relaxing vacation in holiday homes surrounded by untouched nature are truly retreat for your soul.

Numerous picturesque hill towns, vineyards, rich history and gastronomy are just some of the advantages of visiting Umbria. Besides this, cultural events such as jazz festival and funny tradition Gubbio corsa dei ceri will keep you occupied on your vacation yet give you medieval vibe.


Top attractions:

–>Visit Perugia and numerous art collections

–>Spend the day in charming town Spello above the Spoleto Valley

–>Marmore waterfalls

–>Discover wine routes

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